Saturday, October 8, 2016

Best way to fix duplicate meta titles and seo description ?

How to fix duplicate meta descriptions in webmaster tools.

Hi, friends in this Article I’m Discus with Big problem in webmaster tools for HTML improvement section, the problem name is the Duplicate content error or duplicate meta descriptions It’s the common problem in any website. Avery website owner can face this problem, sometimes this problem creating by copy past content and sometimes creating to Some SEO issue for your website. So please make proper SEO of your site, we have written about  some SEO tools to improve that, you can read and apply to your website Some of the tools can help to identify the duplicate content that tools are useful.

Google Search Console reports you have duplicate meta titles or duplicate meta descriptions. Each URL should have unique meta tags so this is important to fix as soon as possible.

Why is this Problem creating webmaster?

One of the reasons for this problem achieves or label pages of your site. When you can use the robot.txt file in your website for better indexing then you can disallow the Label and archive pages for Google no- index this.
And Second Reason is URL Parameter some time specially blogger platform Google can automatically create some  parameter and they show multiple urls for every single post , and then Google Panda can detect the duplicate content . So first learn about Parameter and then fix it.

Parameter URLs

URL Parameters are parameters whose values are set dynamically in a page's URL and can be accessed by its template and its data sources. This makes pages incredibly dynamic, enabling a single page to power an endless number of views .
Shows your Webmaster you can see following parameter error in your webmaster HTML section look the Avery link they show? M=0 or? M=1 parameter ‘M’ is the mobile parameter basically .

?option=choice  that is the defence in both user but you can visit that page is same as.

How to Fix it ?
First, open your webmaster tools and click Crawl section --> URLs Parameter

We are to focus all parameter but currently the problem is parameter ‘M’ is the auto mantic Generated URL.
Click to Edit then you can open following window save the first option to Yes : Change, reader, or narrows page content
Second one select Narrows and last one select to no URL or you can select lets Google has been deciding option also and save it.

Then you save that you will wait for 15 – 20 days then google that next time index your  site they   remove all parameter error in your webmaster and all duplicate meta descriptions are fixed. if  you like this article please comment and suggest me for improvement also .

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Saturday, October 1, 2016

How to use SEO Quake Tools for improve website audit ?

Hello , In this Articles we are Discuss about the SEO Quake Tools that is the must important tools for help to improve the SEO error on your website, and the Advantage of this tools is that shows LIVE result of Avery page on your Web site .

How to Install SEO Quake in Firefox?

Step 1 opens your Firefox browser click to a menu and click on Add-Ons button.

SEO Quake

Then you open the add-ons click to Extention.

Page Info :

In that section, Quake tools are shown about your particular page information just like Basic info.



Meta keywords

Keyword ,  enter your website keyword use 10-15 only for better SEO.
Meta description: A blog About Government Jobs News, Alert and Syllabus ,Result Notification to regular Update throw Newspaper and Organization Official Websites

Internal links: 334 (0 no follow)

External links: 55 (21 no follow)

Server: GSE

This tools can be shows all basic information about your blog or website, he check all Basic SEO information is here or not.

Keywords density 

A total number of words:1591 SEO QUAKE Maybe shows the how many word you can use and how many time your keyword are repeated  and density %.


The following picture you see the Recruitment keyword or 73-time Repeat in site and Density is 4.59 % that mean you can use this Keyword more time in your post.


Page SEO audit

Using the SEO Quake tools you see the second option is Diagnosis , then you click the button you find the Page SEO Audit and tools to display all the per page SEO Audit they show all error and Problem in your Website for this section .

1 URL :  21 characters — optimal.

  URL Section SEO Quake show your website Domain length is good or bad 21 characters in my domain is good for SEO.

2  Title  : SEO Quake show to how my character are you use in your website title and it’s good or bad for SEO optimisation and they shows the tips also to how to improve its.

3 Meta description : the tools shows about your meta description keyword character length in my description length shows 146 is good  always use max 150 words for meta description for tour site. 

4  . Meta keywords : tools show about your Keyword character length and in my website tool show 184 characters and 12 word its mean I use 12-word keyword on my page as a keyword . And much more error shows on this tools .

Internal Links 

SEO Quake can show your site all internal link how many links in your website and how many you are blocked by using Robot.txt file.  

internal links

External Links 

External links that link comes from other sites to your site just like social website link or blogger forum links facebook, google+,twitter, etc that link are an External link, SEO quake can be shown about a number of External link you have a use. 

SEO external links

 that tools also helps to improve your website SEO and help to Better idea for improving the Rank on a search engine.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

How to use duplicate Plagiarism checker tools?

Duplicate Content or Plagiarism Checker tools

In this Articles we are discussing a Duplicate Content issue or Plagiarism Checker tools  its is more important to ranking your website on the search engine because the unique content makes your site top ranking on search engine and duplicate content has been damage your rank. Any search engine can firstly priority the unique content. Note : its tools do not show the exact result, its use only forget some idea find exact duplicate content error always use Google webmaster tools -> Html improvement section and find your duplicate content error , Google panda is Google new service can identify the duplicate content. Plagiarism Checker tools

Siteliner tools are one of the free tools helps to identify the duplicate content or Plagiarism Checker tools​ on our website this tools can analyze your site in few second and display the Result.

Firstly insert your website link in a box and click to go button. Site liner shows the following the result .

Plagiarism checker

You’re Page

Firstly shows No of Normal pages on your website ,how many pages skipped by robot.txt generally using blogger or word press platform we have skipped Archive or label page to tell search engine robot to No index that page because archive page has mostly shown duplicate error reason is Google index page base of  URL your post and achieve content is same but URL is different this time we face duplicate meta tag error in webmaster HTML improvement section. Skipped, Other section some time server error problem or you can delete it.   

Your Duplicate Content or Plagiarism

In that section site liner show your Duplicate Content % ,Common Content %,and Unique Content %  you want to see duplicate content click on Here Option try to always post the unique content. Common Content % is similar than your site other page content ,unique content is available only your site, not other websites. 

Plagiarism content

Looking duplicate content or Plagiarism area my site result they show two URL for my one post 2016_09_01_archive.html and second is 2016/09/facebook-ads.html mostly time a duplicate content problem is created by archive pages, and then we are blocked archive for no index

Plagiarism checker result
Average page size section site liner shows the page size and shows our page size is bigger than   other sites its mean we need an improvement for this section. 

Average Page Load Time section side liner tell about load speed about your web page its more important for the user-friendly website, it depends on how many image you are included on your web page because of an image, flash, and video content are down your page load speed. Do not include more ADS in a page it’s also down your page speed.
A number of words are important to SEO friendly post, site lines show how many word you add in your page they compare to  other sites, shows you how many words need for a best SEO friendly post. 

Site liner show about text on HTML ratio your content text or properly use in HTML tag or not always use headline, paragraph tag for text 
Internal Links is shown menu bar on your site, they show internal menu link.

Friday, September 23, 2016

How to use Woo Rank tools for Improve On-Page SEO ?

What is SEO ?

''Any Specific keywords on any search engine result on the top on foot to bring your site to the search engines are known as SEO''  The keyword helps to show your site on top on  the search engine.


Woorank completely reviewing  On page SEO for  your website, on-page it’s  mean making website batten with following the Search engine optimization rules. Then adding  your website in review box on top the woorank show following result. You can use this tools just add your site link and click to review button you can make free account also for more future.

SEO tools woorank

In my site result woorank show 69.5 % pass for SEO rules, show error on my site and also show my site need an improvement for some. Woorank has shown all tags improving result on footer less we show. 


Discuss Step By Step Woorank use 

Title tag 

woorank show your web site title character length , and show Make your title tags clear, concise (50-60) and include your most important keyword .

Meta Description

Woorank shows your website meta descriptions character length , in a site, they show 107 is good  because always add only 155 character descriptions for your post or site. According to woo rank result  .. “ Great, your meta description contains between 70 and 160 characters (spaces included).A good meta description acts as an organic advertisement, so use enticing messaging with a clear call to action to maximize click-through rate. They allow you to influence how your web pages are described and displayed in search results.”

Google Preview 

Woorank shows how your site show on Google search result , you not include title and descriptions search engine may create their own .  its importance to always add meta title and description on site or post.


woorank show your website headline Structure using HTML headline <H1> to <H6> Use your keywords in the headings and make sure the first level (<H1>) includes your most important keywords. Never duplicate your title tag content in your header tag. While it is important to ensure every page has an <H1> tag, never include more than one per page. Instead, use multiple <H2> - <H6> tags.

Keyword Cloud

Keyword Cloud provides an insight into the frequency of keyword usage on the page, in any website using the maximum keyword with following the search engine guideline Use only max 10 keywords is called Keyword Cloud and use more than 10 they call Keyword Stuffing.

Keyword Constancy

its show your website keyword frequency and show where you using this keyword in your title, descriptions, and H1tags.


Woorank shows you site Mobile view and load mobile speed time and analyze is good or bad for a visitor, check your site is mobile friendly or not.


The backlinks score is calculated by looking at a combination of signals. This includes the overall number of backlinks together with the number of linking domain, as well as rating overall quality of the backlinks pointing to a website. The quality assessments are based on the linking pages. 

Alt attributes

in this woo rank show how many images in your site and how many images  you can include ALT  tag. This ALT text also helps makes an image more likely appear in a Google images search. Try to minimize the number of alt text characters to 150 or less (including space) to optimize page load time.


WooRank can be check Robot.txt file is available on your site and it’s Allow in Google webmaster tools its shows all error about your robot.txt.

www redirect

Woorank shows you can use www redirect or not if you use they show green icon then you not be set so wooRank shows error in this section.

XML Sitemap

It’s the most importance for indexing your site for any search engine that is most Importance to use it's for Google crawler index each and Avery content on your site Woorank shows you added or not added XML sitemap in your site . 

Tools show about broken links, www redirect , Robot.txt file, Sitemap.xtm file, Social media Account, visitor Avery thinks you can use this tools and check everything for your website and improve its . tools can help, we get an idea and work our site to improve and make better for SEO guideline for show top result on search engine . 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Best keyword research tools for SEO Ranking ?

Best keyword research tools.

Then you publishing any articles on your site I recommendation to you first find the best keyword for your articles, research on articles title, how many time  search on Google or another search engine. Maximum keyword length is 3 words ex.   make money online .  You have to work in your own Keyword but use the keyword tools for getting a better idea because we don’t  know what people are searching on the web but Google knows about what people  search on web so first use any keyword tools peek the best keyword for articles.

1 . Google Adword 

Google tools is the word best tools for  research  Google have provided this future for advertising on their network, and they provide free tools for  research. You need a simple Gmail Account to use this. Google can collect all data on their server people are search world wind, Google show extract result for word and provide the best idea for a better  keyword. Sign in with your Any Gmail Account and click to Tool option enters your any Keyword and click to get idea button and Google tools have been displaying the result.

keyword result

1) Avg Monthly Search
Then you find this result Avg. monthly search its mean user have searched this keyword 10k-100k time on month period we have the idea to how many people are searching this keyword always focus on mostly search keyword because is importance for increasing traffic on your site.

2) Competition
Competition option can show position on the keyword on web low, high, Medium its base on search time on Google search engine.

3) Suggested Bid
Advertiser can be guessing the bit for the particular keyword on future. The suggested bid is the bid that Google suggests that you place in order to generate optimal impression/traffic levels.
Basically, it is the paid tools but there is free version also available you just register or login for use this tool it's one of the best tools to optimize your Articles for better rank I request you can use this learn more about SEO.

2. Webtexttool 

First login or Register the Website and you have in dashboard area, then go to keyword analyze section enter your keyword and click to give me suggestion button.

webtexttool keyword seach

Find My Page Rank

Go home find dashboard area , New page click to open and enter your page link click to create button .

Page Score: You can add your post/articles link and find the page score for better ranking show the page score  and the get idea for improving it.

Post Title: the tools can tell you for your title rank on  and show where you improve its for better rank they suggest your title is maximum 55 characters , a number of keyword use, and word.

Page Description : tools suggest to you always use max 155 character description for a post and don't include more keyword on a description.

Headline : tools show where you use headline tag on post first-time use H1 tag and then use H2,H3,H4,H5,H6,

Main Content : in this menu, tool have shown how many word are using the page there limit maximum and minimums word required for  They show keyword density how many keyword you can use in your main articles there is some limit to adding the keyword,  at a start of a page you can use, and consider your keyword to an ALT tag an Image this you can use sometimes Search engine target Image for search data . Consider add one or more links to external sites on your page.

Page Rank


it’s the one of the best free tools you can use this  tools provide more search option for search engine choosing and search you can find bing, yahoo, google , youtub, etc search keyword result on this tools .

keyword research tools

these tools help you to optimize SEO I hope you enjoying using all  tools you can always use google tools and other can use for just idea for SEO and webtexttools is very good you can use this for every post creating on your site.  

Saturday, September 17, 2016

How to start Facebook Ads for increasing Business/website traffic?

What is the requirement

Hello, friends today in my first post I have to show you how to promote Your Product/website in using facebook Network for increasing your traffic. Firstly understand the concept of Facebook Advertising for how and where you can use this?


A Page gave your business a voice and presence on Network and is designed to help you connect with the customer and reach your goals. Using the  ads you need your Fan/ Celebrity page Avery website owner or celebrity or anyone they can make  Page because  have a limit to friends is only 5000. Then celebrity or any business/ website owner can use Page for Connecting /Marketing/Advertising/etc. And Reach their content/product to more people can be like their page and get updates of Avery post the page owner can share.

Promote Page: This Button on Page  has been provided to page owner to promote their page,  can a campaign to Promote your page for More likes , may provide Budget for per day for how many likes for promoting your Page on world wind you can set location also which you promote Your Page.

Boost post Button can help to fast engage the user to your post making ads you can boost your particular one post to engaging more people to read this post. Clicking boost  shows the daily Budget option to choose all setting we discuss all off in that articles.

Promote website Button can help you click on your site  can display your site on their Ads. The user may click on ads and ads can redirect a user to your site this is just like a paid traffic it uses for increasing fast traffic on your site.

First Step to choose what are you Promote PAGE, POST, WEBSITE

Then clicks to page promotes Option.

Gender Select Your Audience All , MEN or Woman its Depend your Product/content/articles/website which you are target .ex .you provide cloth jewellery so you can target women is the best target for that product or select ALL option to target both audiences I think its best.

Age: Select age to which age group your website/product/content area target is help for facebook shorter the audience.

Location: is the importance because your website India and you select another country targeting it not goods for your traffic. So select your target location area Country state.

Interests: that is the one of the option to target user in this option you select your product or website are belong to which use just like category.

Daily Budget: in this option, you can choose your Daily promoting Budget, but a budget is required than Rs 40+ for per day promoting  your Page it's deferent for promoting Website or Post.

Duration: I that Option you can add you advertisement duration how many day you using this advertisement, duration has been base on you Budget also how many money you can pay for this advertisement.

And then CLICK to PROMOT Button and make Payment sometimes Card payment not Accepting in Facebook advertisisng  but don't panic you can use third party payment method in India you can use for making payment done .

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