Tuesday, January 17, 2017

How to post Content on facebook Marketing to reach more people?

Way to Facebook Marketing or Social Media Marketing 

friends in this article I can show you how to post any content on facebook to reach more people or engage. Content posting on facebook is can be generated the sale of your product. It’s more important to make the profitable campaign on social Media. 

content on fb

Main Objective of Text:  If you have posted your Article, product, or another link so firstly write the Impressive text heading on your Post just user can understand the main objective or your Massage of your post and they click and visit your site.

High Contrast Image: Basically facebook background color is white so the High Contract Image is best for Attracting user for clicking your post. Please do not post square or other ratio images always post  1200 * 627 px images for the post is size is fit to facebook page. (1200 * 627) is the ideal ratio of posting the image on facebook.

Not More than 20% text: using an image do not use 20% more text content on the image use important text on the image just like the call to action Button, visit site button etc.

Destination Header :  It’s the impotence to user redirect for your website , then user understand text object , they understand purpose of  image then they click on  Destination Header link it’s the Basic call to action lick its automatic redirect to your main post of your website .

Description:  in the end of post write the short Description of your particular article, product, or other if you want to promote on a facebook page. It's small Description gets the small idea for your user what your post exactly say.

Note: Facebook Account can use only for personal but the Facebook page can use to facebook Marketing or Promoting Product, articles etc.

You have no Advance knowledge of  Photoshop or other photo editor tools so you go Ipiccy.com and easily edit your image.

Making Image width 1200 x 627 you can use Photoshop or use Any Online tools,  I am using  http://ipiccy.com/  because I have not any Advance  Knowledge about Photoshop software so I use this online tools,  it’s the simple and easy to understand online Photoshop and edit an image. 

How to use ipiccy  editor ?

Open the ipiccy.com on computer upload any Image if you want to edit


Select the Crop Picture Option-click to Scale Photo (Constrain) then enter the size 1200 x 627 and  move to top left corner , click to layer option and add vector sticker, add text on a ticket you change the color also, you can add arrows, Basic symbol, license copyright symbol, Speech Bubbles etc.


If your image read so save its and upload your facebook post.

Friends, you can define the call for action for your post user can click they live facebook Environment and go to your post website landing page or specific post address or Index page on your site, the defend on you where you redirect your user.

Then your post reaches more people and links, comment, share if you can use facebook paid Advertisement also for Boost the particular post. We have an article available in about facebook Advertisement you can get the idea for them. There are tutorial to start to end concept about facebook ads network how its work and how to make the campaign in facebook for promoting page, post, etc.Social Media Marketing is the major key to driving traffic or increase website traffic.

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Saturday, January 7, 2017

How to Register and use BHIM APP?

Bharat Interface for Money

        friends in that article we are discussing the one of the major role in Pm Modis Newly Lunched Money Transfer App  “BHIM”  Bharat Interface for Money is an initiative to enable fast, secure, reliable cashless payment through your mobile phone.

BHIM app is interoperable with other Unified Payment Interface (UPI) Application, and bank account. BHIM App is made in India product Developed by National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI).

How start with BHIM UPI AAP?

First click to  Download the BHIM UPI App on Google Play store and other your operating system Store. And install and open it.  Read the information and click Next button select your Mobile phone type single or Dual sim.

Now Give some permission and Send a message from your registered mobile number. It's automatically done by giving permission to send a message.
After sending SMS your Mobile is verified and then click next and choose one secure Password for BHIM app. 

select your Bank 

select bank

Select your Bank and then set your New UPI pin or reset for bank Account.
setup in new UPI you need to enter your ATM Card last 4 Digit and Validity of a card .

set account

Select or check your Account checks last 4 Digit is correct or not. Then click on your account and process next.

  How it Work?

BHIM translation

Click her to send option

 money send

Enter payee Mobile No or Payment Address you can check or verify the account also before payment for conforming person if you want to send money. Click on verify button BHIM show the name of an account holder.

BHIM money send

 Enter Amount type remark click to pay button and enter your password its DINE.

Benefit of use

1)    Using this app you can send money to any bank account.
2)    Anyone enters your mobile no with @UPI your account automatically pickup or show.
3)    Your mobile number is your payment address (PA), Example- 99xxxxxx@upi or You can create a New one. 
4)    You can receive money with your mobile number or RQ scan pay Option you
5)    There is a Rs 10,000 per transaction limit and Rs 20,000 per day for BHIM.

Support Banks for BHIM App.

Allahabad Bank, Andhra Bank, Axis Bank, Bank of Baroda, Bank of India, Bank of Maharashtra, Canara Bank, Catholic Syrian Bank, Central Bank of India, DCB Bank, Dena Bank, Federal Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, IDBI Bank, IDFC Bank, Indian Bank, Indian Overseas Bank, IndusInd Bank, Karnataka Bank, Karur Vysya Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Oriental Bank of Commerce, Punjab National Bank, RBL Bank, South Indian Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, State Bank of India, Syndicate Bank, Union Bank of India, United Bank of India, Vijaya Bank.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

How to perform a mobile usability Audit of your website ?

Mobile-Usability Audit 

On April 2015 Google Released “ Mobilegeddon “ Algorithm for Significant new Mobile friendly Ranking that was Designed for Boost Mobile-Friendly Pages in Google Mobile Search Result. Ensure the Mobile user is more important than ever. Now the google given preference to a mobile friendly site for improving Search Rankings now is the time to ensure the optimal mobile performance by conducting the mobile usability audit for your website. 

Ensure your website is performing in all Devices and Screen sizes that help you meet the need of your mobile user, and will prevent your site from experience common usability issues.

What is a Mobile Usability Issues of SEO?

According to Google webmaster tool three are six potential issues that could cause a site to perform poorly on mobile Devices. When performing the mobile usability audit, it’s important to understand the what is the potential issues is, and how fix it.

Flash Use: Since a flash file is not supported in many mobile Browser most of your mobile user won’t be able to properly access flash base content. If you received this error Message convert your content to HTML 5 to keep in the line with newer, more mobile-friendly standards.

Viewport Not Set :   for the variety of screen sized used to access to web, website is indicated a viewport In meta tags. This will ensure  the site will scale to whatever device is being used whether that a Smartphone ,tablet or computer .using responsive design that help to ensure your viewport is configured properly and your site performed to all screen.    

Ex : <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">

Fixed –Width Viewport:  Something used to order to make a Non-Mobile-Friendly page adjust to fit mobile screens. This can be a temporary fix for some pages; Google does not recommend this practice be used long term. A Responsive design should be implemented instead.   

Mobile Usability Issues Solve Method 

Working of  Mobile Usability Audit first identifies the how a site performing in a particular area. In essence looks at a site from a user perspective in order to identify an element that needs to be fixed or improved. Google provide the webmaster tool that helps to understand and Analyze Mobile – Usability of their sites.  They will help to identify any mobile usability issue. 

Google Mobile Test Tool

Google Mobile test tool assesses whether a particular page in mobile – friendly or not.  This is the great starting point of your mobile usability audit as well  it help to identify the key issue that is impacting Mobile usability and your site as well Ranking also.

Access the Mobile Usability report in Google Webmaster Tool

In that way Google Webmaster Tool process of analyzing your site is even simple login to your webmaster tool navigate the Mobile Usability under the Search Traffic section. you see your Mobile Usability errors. 

there some information about mobile usability that helps to manage your website SEO. 

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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

What is Off-Site and On-Site SEO ?

SEO ? 

Search engine Optimization is Important in every Business. it Doesn't Matter you can run a small or Large firm . SEO is simply the process of setting up and optimize your website so that it’s easily found by search Engine like Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc.

Most businesses realize they should have a website, but simply having a website is only the first step doesn’t  guarantee that you receive any significant traffic. Building an effective website that will provide a strong consistent flow of leads of sale requirement marketing.

Website Design and SEO

Just as building a beautiful storefront isn’t the only factor that will result in sales, online marketing isn’t as simple building a beautiful website .visitors to your website don’t feel comfortable , perhaps, for instance, because there are too many ads.But the Design is only the Beginning there are hundred of the factors that can affect your search rank generally categorized as “On-Site” factor. 

On-Site SEO

SEO is divided into two main categories On-site and Off-site consist of the element such as text and Meta tag that exist on your website. 

A structure of On-site SEO 

They structure of your website is very important not for SEO but also user Experience Perspective.  there  is some structure we show. 
  • Optimization for Mobile Device: Make your website Responsive and Mobile Device uses responsive code or word press or Blogger responsive Template for Building website. click here to test

  •  URL Structure: URL structure is important to SEO you can use Keyword for Article or site in that Particular section.
  • Navigation Menu : The navigation Menu Is the Important to  Any website its help to user find the content section on the site. Make your website menu properly navigated. The menu is user-friendly for both Pc and Mobile User. 
  • Page Layout: Page Layout that is one of the keys to making good SEO on the site make your site Page Layout 2 colon or 3 colon but responsive user-friendly . 
  • Internal Links : it’s like that are your menu bar links basically , links are open your site another website. 

  •  Website Speed: website speed is important to good so your site is load fast that is the good sign. For instant load, the site uses a minimum image of a site with compress image size . let's check your website speed for Google speed check link is given below .

  • Site map: that is the important in any website always  use XML sitemap that helps Search Engine to Find or Index content in your Site. 


code on your site that are clear and efficient, a Messy code will bring your website Ranking on the search engine . Ignore to use most JavaScript code because a search engine is not like this type of code. Use template website such as Word press CMS, that always guaranty the code are very clear and efficient.  


When  your Website is ready structured and coded correctly and your content are excellent than its time to make solid Off-site SEO strategy. Off-site SEO are performed the specify KEYWORD that is related to your site. User enter a keyword in Search Engine that is available in your site search engine show your site on a result.  Off page, SEO refers to techniques that can be used to improve the position of a website in the search engine results page.

  • INBOUND LINKS 1.   some of the  links are connected to another site that calls inbound link ex. Social Media Profile link, Ads Link. a link is clickable word phrase, image or button that direct to your website to another URL. That each link as a vote for your website credibility vouching for your website worthiness to rank highly In search  result. Inbound links will also drive free reference traffic to your website .

  • Social Signal: social media is the major role in driving a traffic . Google and other search engine take  into account your social media influence , not only does your activity in social media improve your search engine ranking, but social media is the excellent way to build your brand reach the new audience and drive potential customers . 

  • REVIES: The reviews of a website are important to search ranking on your site. Some of the sites are available that are the help to overall reviews of your website Just like Seochekup.com.   
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Sunday, November 27, 2016

How to Pay electricity bill online or bill payment services?

Best Way for Pay Online Electricity Bill. 

Hello, friends  today we are Discus the sum of Major services is very helpful for us.  currently,  all system is going to online in India or worldwide. Our Pm Narendra Modiji is Speaking 27 Man-ki Bat About E-Payment System or Mobile Wallet .    I tell you some best website to pay your electricity bill and earning extra cash back also. Don’t wary they are very securing with payment do not lose your money.

1 ) Freecharge.com  

Avery, one knows about freecharge.com for mobile and   DTH recharge currently they also provide the Electricity bill Payment also you can pay your bill throws out freecharge.com and most time you can get extra Cashback also .

How its work

Login to your Freecharge.com account click to electricity icon then you see the following window

Then select your Bill circle area or Distribution Company Ltd.

1) Enter your consumer No ex. 1234678972 

2) Select your Billing unit (that are not your Redding unit its given your Bill)

3) Select your circle 1 or 2 or 3or 4 

Click to Process Button you see your billing amount in next windows you can confirm that and make payment of you ATM debit or credit card.

2 ) Paytm.com

Paytm is another way to pay  Online bill  with securely.
Paytm is one of the top best mobile recharge and DHT Recharge website in India.

You can pay your Electricity bill to Paytm also and get Extra Benefit off Avery bill payment

How it's Work ?

Login to Your Pay Account clicks to Electricity Icon. 

Then you click the icon pay to open news page.

1 ) Select your Electricity Board

2) Select your Sub Division Office/ of Electricity Board

3) Enter Your Consumer number and click to Process Button

Then you have Any Capon or Promo code for Cashback Add and Apply before payment Paytm Shows Your Bill Owner Name and Current Bill Amount that you pay Currently then Confirm your Billing Amount and click to Pay or Process Button and Make payment for using your Debit or Credit or Internet Banking. 

Notes : Mostly Bank are Use OTP payment system then you enter your Card Number and Cv ,dates and click to pay or Submit SBI or Other Bank are send OTP (One time Password) in your Register Bank Account Mobile Number there are for make Payment Successfully.  

 it’s Done !

There are lots of a website to pay an online bill but a recommended  use this two site because they are very famous and popular site in India and all States Company Bill are they Accepted in website

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Friday, November 18, 2016

How to Make Money Online for Shopping Portal?

Make Money Online

Hello, friends in this articles we are discussing New Online Money Making Trick, we know about the Amazon, Snapdeal, eBay, etc .  Affiliate Program to a user are click on your banner and go to the shopping site and purchase product after some day the shopping company (Affiliate Program You Are Member) is given some % commission on the product. But the problem in that Avery buddy can't join Affiliate Program because currently, they require a website for Approve Account.

How to Make Money Fast

So I tell you one site that can you join free without any website and earning something  cash back on  your wallet  for your Avery Online Shopping Product . 


Friends the cashkaro.com is the India’s No.1 Coupon & Cashback website founded by Swati Bhargava,  this website can help to earn money for Avery you’re online shopping. The site can’t give the extra price for a product you pay the original price on the official e-commerce portal they show.

How it Work for earn money or Make money online ?

First to Join they Cashkaro.com simply and you see some this-this.

Then you click on Get offer button they show the Capon zone for purchasing product.
Search a product on search box  you shows you product result on the different online portal with price and reward original price is the payment you given the shopping site and reward is a credit to your cash Karo wallet after 72 hr. this original price is not you pay you to pay the official website price. Sometimes cash Karo shows Rs 1000 and Rs 100 Reward but Official shopping portal the price are Rs 900 so you pay Rs 900 only. 

Just click the GRAB DEAL button and they show some term of condition of the official shopping portal cash back privacy you can read and understand it and click to understand button .

You will open the new window and cash Karo tell Congratulations, Noting More to do! its mean they redirect you to official shopping portal to purchase the product then you purchase the product cash Karo can be reward credit to your account in 72 hr.

You can manage all setting in my account section you can transfer your wallet money for your Bank Account also, you can get 10% for reference friends program also for earn Money your friends can join and purchase any product that 10% benefit are credit in your wallet .


Saturday, October 8, 2016

Best way to fix duplicate meta titles and seo description ?

How to fix duplicate meta descriptions in webmaster tools.

Hi, friends in this Article I’m Discus with Big problem in webmaster tools for HTML improvement section, the problem name is the Duplicate content error or duplicate meta descriptions It’s the common problem in any website. Avery website owner can face this problem, sometimes this problem creating by copy past content and sometimes creating to Some SEO issue for your website. So please make proper SEO of your site, we have written about  some SEO tools to improve that, you can read and apply to your website Some of the tools can help to identify the duplicate content that tools are useful.

Google Search Console reports you have duplicate meta titles or duplicate meta descriptions. Each URL should have unique meta tags so this is important to fix as soon as possible.

Why is this Problem creating webmaster?

One of the reasons for this problem achieves or label pages of your site. When you can use the robot.txt file in your website for better indexing then you can disallow the Label and archive pages for Google no- index this.
And Second Reason is URL Parameter some time specially blogger platform Google can automatically create some  parameter and they show multiple urls for every single post , and then Google Panda can detect the duplicate content . So first learn about Parameter and then fix it.

Parameter URLs

URL Parameters are parameters whose values are set dynamically in a page's URL and can be accessed by its template and its data sources. This makes pages incredibly dynamic, enabling a single page to power an endless number of views .
Shows your Webmaster you can see following parameter error in your webmaster HTML section look the Avery link they show? M=0 or? M=1 parameter ‘M’ is the mobile parameter basically .

?option=choice  that is the defence in both user but you can visit that page is same as.

How to Fix it ?
First, open your webmaster tools and click Crawl section --> URLs Parameter

We are to focus all parameter but currently the problem is parameter ‘M’ is the auto mantic Generated URL.
Click to Edit then you can open following window save the first option to Yes : Change, reader, or narrows page content
Second one select Narrows and last one select to no URL or you can select lets Google has been deciding option also and save it.

Then you save that you will wait for 15 – 20 days then google that next time index your  site they   remove all parameter error in your webmaster and all duplicate meta descriptions are fixed. if  you like this article please comment and suggest me for improvement also .

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